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PRA Cancelling All Club Activities in Response to Coronavirus Advisories

PRA takes the wellbeing of our members, volunteers, and visitors seriously — we all want our activities to stay safe, fun, and healthy. In response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the most recent advisement of local, state, and national health authorities, we are CANCELLING ALL ACTIVITIES until further notice. We are keeping close tabs on the development of the situation and advisories, and will update you with any changes here and on our social media pages.

Please note that this includes postponement of PRA’s Oak Tree 3-D Tournament that was scheduled for March 29, 2020. We will post a new date as soon as possible.

The range will continue to stay open to the public until further notice by the relevant authorities. Please remember to display your City Safety Credential while using the range.

We thank you for your understanding, support, and cooperation with our efforts to help keep PRA safe and healthy for all. We’re sending our best wishes to the PRA community and hope that we’ll get to shoot with you all soon.

Resources to learn more about the Coronavirus and the public advisories now in effect:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
California Department of Public Health:
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health:
Pasadena Department of Public Health:
City of Pasadena Office of the City Manager:
New York Times Coronavirus Live Updates (no paywall):
White House Statement of 03/16/20:


All PRA activities are CANCELED due to weather. This includes First-Timer Archery Class, Returning Archers Class, City Credential Class, Advanced Competitive Group Class, JOAD practice, and scheduled range maintenance work.

Updates related to PRA activities and Coronavirus precautions are forthcoming soon. Thanks for your understanding and stay safe out there!