Archery Instruction Program

Who: PRA classes are open to all.

What: PRA provides the following classes:

When: Classes are held every Saturday throughout the year except for Christmas and New Years. The program may be cancelled occasionally because of weather or other issues, or to allow the club and its members to participate in City-sponsored community events. Advance notice of such cancellations will be given on the preceding Saturday and/or posted on the PRA Facebook page.

Equipment: First-time archers are not allowed to use their own equipment—all necessary archery equipment will be provided. While returning archers may use their own equipment, we recommend using club equipment and not buying your own until you have completed several sessions and discussed your requirements with an instructor.

What to Wear: Wear clothes with non-bulky, snug-fitting sleeves (properly fitted long-sleeve T’s and sweatshirts are OK). Clothes must be free of large buttons, pins, badges, or other things on the front that can be caught in the bow string. Participants with long hair should put hair back in a pony tail. If you have jewelry on your face, cheeks, or lips, please leave it home or be prepared to remove it; the same goes for dangly earrings. The range is a woodland area and is uneven, dusty and dirty – footwear with heels or open toes is not suitable. Do not wear sandals, flip-flops, bare feet or “foot glove” type socks.

What to Bring With You: A bottle of water – while water is available on the range, it may not be convenient to the instruction area. Bring a soft brimmed hat as baseball-style caps and hats with large stiff brims are not suitable. We recommend archers use sunscreen throughout the year and non-toxic insect repellant during warm Spring and Summer months.

Please note: We are an all-volunteer organization and your spot in a class is contingent on there being a sufficient number of volunteer instructors available on that day. If we are not be able to accommodate you, you will be given a rain check and asked to return on a future date.

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