Advanced Archery Coaching (Level Three)

The PRA Advanced Archery training and practice sessions are run by qualified archery coaches with a minimum of a Level 3 USA Archery certification.  Focus is on development for the advanced archer which includes, but no limited to shooting form and archery practice. Our coaches can direct programs in nutrition, sports psychology, equipment maintenance/tuning, physical training, and goal setting.

Who: PRA members who would like to test their skills in a more advanced, specialized setting.

What: Advanced Archery Coaching (Level Three) is an ongoing program; students may join at any time, and there is no commitment to a set number of sessions. Archers need to have their own equipment. The coaches will work with the athlete to purchase and maintain the most appropriate equipment within a budget.

Where: The Advanced Archery Coaching program meets between targets 14-17.

When: Saturday mornings 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

Requirements: Participants must be a PRA member in good standing & have their own equipment.  Most archers will join after completing the Level One and Level two PRA classes.  Final decision on who can join the class is up to the coaches.

Cost: Annual fee of $60. Participants must be paid up PRA members.

How to Join: Ask an instructor or coach about participating.

After obtaining the approval of the instructors, you may submit the fee online.