Compound Bow Archery

Compound bows are very popular among target archers and hunters. Many archers are drawn to the power and precision of the compound bow and the increased accuracy it provides.

Who: Archers who have taken our Archery Fundamentals class and are interested in Compound Bow archery.

What: Currently, the Compound Bow class is an ongoing class that will transition soon to a five-week class.

Equipment: The archer should have a consistent and firm shooting form before beginning Compound Bow training. Unlike recurve bows or longbows, compound bows must be fitted precisely to each archer.  Initially, all archery equipment is provided, but serious students should plan on purchasing their own archery equipment (bow, arrows, and release) fairly soon after beginning the class to continue in this discipline. Instructors will be happy to advise archers during the selection and purchase process.

When: Saturday mornings, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Where: Participants meet in the practice area.

Cost: Five- week class. $75 for non-members; $50 for PRA members.

How to Join: Ask an instructor about participating. Students must have the permission of the instructor to participate in the Compound Bow class and must have completed the Fundamentals class.