Olympic Recurve Archery

Who: Archers who have taken our Archery Fundamentals class and are interested in Olympic recurve archery.

What: The Olympic Recurve Class is a five-meeting program and is based on the USA Archery National Training System (NTS) shooting form that uses biomechanics to improve strength and consistency. Mimetics (miming) and low-load training aids are used. Strength exercises are introduced to build muscle capacity. The emphasis is on achieving correct shooting form and timing. The bow sight is introduced and bows are equipped with a stabilizer.

Equipment: All archery equipment is provided for the Olympic Recurve class. At the conclusion of the class, archers who plan to continue with the discipline are expected to purchase their own archery equipment. Serious students should begin to discuss equipment recommendations with the instructor early on.

When: Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Cost: Five-week class. $75.00 for non-members; $50 for PRA members.

Where: The Olympic Recurve class meets at the practice area.

How to Join: Ask an OR instructor about participating. Students must have the permission of the instructor to participate in the Olympic Recurve Class.