Volunteers: submit your volunteer hours.

PRA depends on our volunteers; if you have purchased a Working Membership, it’s important that you meet your commitment. Without our volunteers, our classes and tournaments can’t operate, our range can’t be maintained, and many of the behind-the-scenes tasks won’t get done.

Here are some possible ways you can help:

Saturday Instructor
The Saturday morning classes only function if we have enough instructors. If you’re willing to become certified and teach Saturday classes, this can count as your volunteer hours.

Saturday Class Assistance
Those who are not instructors can help with setting up or taking down the instruction equipment, registration, equipment maintenance (we’ll teach you). See us at the range on Saturday to arrange your hours.

Sunday Treasurer
Any working member that has not met their work commitment for this year should consider acting as a Sunday Treasurer. This is an easy way to meet the work hour requirement while sitting in the shade all morning.

Range Maintenance
We have periodic range maintenance, trash collection etc. on the range as well as maintenance days when bales need are replaced. Look for announcements by email.

Range Monitor
The Range Monitor walks the trail adjacent to the range during our classes and tournaments to make sure that all archers are authorized to be on the range, are obeying the rules and participating safely. You get to wear the Sexy Orange Vest™ and be the envy of your peers.

Someone needs to keep track of members’ tournament scores for our annual awards banquet, and that person could be you. We have scorekeepers for our Field, 3D, and FITA rounds, as well as JOADs.

Do you have some particular skill that could benefit the PRA? Are you an attorney, accountant, web designer, event planner, caterer, handyman? Is there a task you think we need, that you can fill? Suggest your own way to meet your work obligations. You could track scores and awards for the youth program, assist with planning tournaments or social events, or any number of other projects of your choosing.

Don’t forget to submit your volunteer hours.

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