PRA Members Compete in Texas Shootout

Katherine Marston and Coach Steve Sun between ends at the Texas Shootout.
Katherine Marston and Coach Steve Sun between ends at the Texas Shootout.

This weekend’s Texas Shootout Tournament on the Texas A& M campus is a qualifying round for the 2016 US Olympic team, and PRA members Steve Sun, Katherine Marston and Nicole Zhang were among the competitors. Marston and Zhang competed in the Cadet Division; it was the first Olympic qualifying competition for both.

Steve Sun, in addition to competing in the Men’s Recurve Division, is one of the coaches of PRA’s competitive JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) team.

Trad Tournament

The Traditional Tournament is a field archery tournament for archers using traditional bows — bows that use the more traditional feel of wood, leather, and feathers. The 2015 “Trad Tournament” will be held on Sunday, October 18. We have shutdown online registration because of server issues but on site registration will be available on Sunday morning – we still have plenty of spaces available.


City Council Approves Use Agreement with PRA

Shortly after 2AM Tuesday morning, the Pasadena City Council voted 5-3 in favor of the PRA and the new deal points. What’s more, the council removed the language we opposed (item #4) and amended language to instruct the city manager to find “additional” locations for archery in Pasadena instead of “alternative”. All language mentioning the possibility of eliminating archery use of the range on weekdays has been eliminated.

We couldn’t have asked for more.

We owe this victory to all of our passionate supporters!
Last night nearly 200 people descended on Pasadena City Hall to stand up with the PRA and protect archery in the Lower Arroyo.
With nearly 4000 petition signatures, over 100 letters, and roughly 200 post cards, the archery supporters made it very clear to everyone on the council what this range means to the community.

Thank you all! We are proud to still be able to say…
“We’ll see you on the Range!”

City Council to Vote Monday February 2nd 2015

The archery range is on the agenda for the Pasadena City Council meeting on MONDAY (February 2).  The item is scheduled for 8:00 PM.  We really need a strong turnout from YOU, our supporters of the archery range.

The city council meets in room S249 of the Pasadena City Hall, 100 North Garfield Avenue.

The proposal being put before the City Council includes a very troubling element, asking the City Council to:

“Direct the City Manager to work with the Pasadena Roving Archers and residents to pursue the identification of a suitable alternate site for archery activity in order to allow the southern range in the Lower Arroyo to be used for passive recreational uses on weekdays and roving archery on weekends”

This would seem to open the door to declare that,  for example, a much smaller target archery range is a suitable substitute for the historic Lower Arroyo Archery Range.  Limiting archery in the Lower Arroyo to weekends only is the first step towards eliminating it entirely.  Exactly what our opponents want.

The complete proposal is available as part of the meeting agenda available here (scroll down to item #13).

For detailed discussion of many of the points that have been raised please visit


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