Tournament 2018 Changes

Important Changes to Tournaments for 2018

Please read carefully!

Hello Archers!

A Happy New Year to you all!

This coming year, the PRA will be instituting a few new changes to our club scorecards and to our weekly tournaments.

As you’ll soon see (as early as this coming weekend), scorecards have been updated and streamlined to provide greater clarity and ease of use for both competitors and scorekeepers.

Scorecards will now offer current NFAA or USAA age categories, a check box for Male or Female, and additional scorekeeper signature lines.

Scorecards will need to be filled out correctly, legibly, and completely for scores to be accepted for annual club awards. Any card that cannot be read will not be accepted.

Double scoring will now be required at all club tournaments, meaning that each archer will need two scorecards and each shooting group will need two scorekeepers. The signatures of both scorekeepers and the archer must be included on scorecards in order for the score to be considered valid.

Shooting groups (or archers sharing a bale for the 300, 900, or 720 rounds) must now be a minimum of three (3) archers for tournament scores to be counted toward annual club awards. The single exception to this rule is when shooting the field or hunter round as part of an Iron Man; in that case, a shooting group of two archers will be accepted, although three is preferred.

At the completion of the tournament, archers should ensure that the totals on both of their scorecards match and that all required signatures are present, then turn in one of the cards and keep the other for their records (and to serve as backup in case the scorekeeper has a question).

And as a reminder, only scores shot while the archer is a member in good standing will be counted for club awards.

These changes are being made to smooth the process of recording scores and to reflect how tournaments are scored outside of our club. By making these changes at our weekly club shoots, our archers will be ready for scoring at tournaments at the local, state, and national levels.

Sunday tournaments will continue to start promptly at 8AM, but there will now be a cutoff time of 9:30AM for archers to begin a tournament. This excludes the start time for the 300 tournament held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. The cutoff time is to ensure that scorecards are submitted in a timely manner and that the breakdown of targets is done efficiently and with the assistance of as many archers as possible. Many hands help to lessen the load!

Should you have any questions or need clarification of the new scorecard and/or rules, please feel free to speak to me at the range or email me at Additional information can be found on the PRA website in the Tournaments section.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the range and shooting with you in our weekly PRA tournaments!

Matthew Madrid
PRA Tournament Director

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