Monthly Tournaments

The Pasadena Roving Archers host regular tournaments on Sundays throughout the year. In fact, two to three types of tournaments are generally hosted each Sunday, except for the Sundays when we host our three Annual Invitational Tournaments: the Oak Tree, the 21 or Bust in June,  and the Traditional Rendezvous in October.

Whenever possible, advance notice of closures will announced the week before. Last-minute range closures will be posted on the PRA’s Facebook page.

Monthly Schedule of Regular Tournaments

1st Sunday:                   Field or Hunter Round, 900 Round

2nd Sunday:                  Field or Hunter Round, 300 Rounds

3rd Sunday:                   Field or Hunter Round, 3D Round, 720 Round

4th Sunday:                   Animal Round, 300 Rounds

5th Sunday:                   Field or Hunter Round, or Novelty Tournament


Field Archery tournaments (3D, Field, Hunter, Animal) begin setting up at 7:30A and officially start at 8:00A.

Two 300 Rounds are held on each of the second and fourth Sundays. Set-Up and Practice begin at 7:30A and 9:30A and the 300 Rounds officially start at 8:00A and 10:00A.

The 720 Round and 900 Rounds begin Set-Up, Sight-In and Practice at 7:30A and the rounds officially start shooting for score at 8:00A.

Archers must check in and register at the main range picnic table area (near the storage container) for all tournaments, except the 900 Rounds and 720 Rounds, which check in and register at Target Bale #13, on the Southern Range.

Cost: Regular Sunday tournaments are free for PRA members and $5 for non-members. PRA members are also eligible to compete for annual PRA Trophies & Awards (see below for the participation requirements for each round).

PRA members, who complete at least three full rounds of any of the below tournaments per year are eligible to win annual PRA trophies and awards. Archers may shoot with any bow style as long as they accurately mark on the scorecard which  bow category and age group they are shooting. To be eligible for awards, however, an archer must shoot at least three complete rounds per bow style (per year).

Additionally, scorecards must be filled out correctly, completely and legibly including name, bow category, age division, scores, totals and be signed by 3 individual archers (2 scorekeepers & a witness) any one of which can be the archer to whom the scorecard belongs.

PRA members wishing to submit a score to be considered for awards, MUST complete the round witnessed by 2 additional archers and have said witnesses sign their scorecards before submission. Scorecards submitted by competitors who shoot and score alone without the necessary verification, will NOT be accepted.

Please refer to our Tournament Schedule for further information about which tournaments are held on which Sundays.

For more information about the different tournaments PRA hosts, and how they are shot, please follow the links below:

NFAA Field Round

NFAA Hunter Round

NFAA Animal Round

3D Round

300 Round

FITA 720 Round

NFAA 900 Round


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