How-to: 3D Round

3D archery is an American invention designed to simulate hunting with a bow and arrow. While not technically considered “Field Archery” by purists, it shares most of the important elements.

The targets are molded polyurethane foam animals, life-size and painted realistically to resemble animals and interesting creatures from around the world. The animals are marked with lines that are not easily visible from the shooting position, but can be seen up close. These lines and rings correspond to the vital sections of the animal.

Often, the distance to the target is not marked, leaving it up to the archer to determine the range by estimating the distance between the shooting position and the target.

Depending on the tournament rules, an archer will shoot one or two arrows at each target, which scores according to which ring the arrow lands within.

3D Round @ the PRA

On the 3rd Sunday of each month, PRA hosts a 3D Round. Our 3D Round consists of 14 three-dimensional (3D) foam targets, of varying sizes and shapes, set at a variety of unmarked distances. Competitors shoot 2 arrows at each of the 14 targets in succession, and then shoot the same 14 target circuit a second time around to total 28 targets. Typical distances range from 15 yards to 55 yards depending on the individual target size and the setup.

The scoring area of a 3D foam target is divided into three parts: the heart area, the vital area and the non-vital area. Scoring is 10 points (in the center, circular heart area), 8 points (in the larger vital area) or 5 points (anywhere else on the body of the animal). An arrow only need touch the edge of the heart area or vital ring to be awarded the corresponding point value. An arrow must stick into the foam of the 3D target to count. Any arrow that glances off, will be considered a miss. An arrow that bounces out of the target back toward the archer, may be reshot if witnessed by other members of the shooting group. A total of 56 arrows are shot per 3D Tournament, and a perfect score of 56 arrows all hitting the 10 ring would be 560.

We highly recommend that first time shooters at our Field Archery tournaments seek out a veteran competitor to shoot with to “learn the ropes.” PRA regular competitors are a friendly group of people who are always happy to show newcomers how the tournaments & scoring work. Please refer to the latest NFAA Constitution and Bylaws for the most up to date and detailed rules.

PRA Trophies and Awards

PRA members who complete at least three 3D Rounds per year are eligible to win Annual PRA trophies and awards. Archers may shoot with any bow style as long as they accurately mark on the scorecard which NFAA bow category & age group they are shooting. To be eligible for awards for 3D tournaments, however, at least three complete rounds must be shot per bow style (per year).

Additionally, scorecards must be filled out correctly, completely and legibly including name, bow category, age division, scores, totals and be signed by 3 individual archers (2 scorekeepers & a witness) any one of which can be the archer to whom the scorecard belongs.

PRA members wishing to submit a score to be considered for awards, MUST complete the round witnessed by 2 additional archers and have said witnesses sign their scorecards before submission. Scorecards submitted by competitors who shoot and score alone without the necessary verification, will NOT be accepted.

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