How to: Rookie Round

A Rookie Round is a superb way for beginning archers to experience    the challenge of Field Archery, while also getting the opportunity to explore the PRA’s beautiful Southern Range.

A Rookie Round consists of completing a full 28 target Field or Hunter Round, but archers or “Rookies”, will have the benefit of shooting from the closer distance, BLACK (Cub), yardage markers.

This is offered to help those archers new to Field Archery, in becoming more familiar with the competition course,  scoring etiquette and tournament guidelines. Additionally, having the opportunity to shoot at these targets at closer distances has the added benefit of increasing a beginning archer’s confidence & self-image.

During a Rookie Round, an archer will shoot all four (4) arrows from the closest BLACK distance marker to the target as there are NO “walkups” or “fans” at these shorter yardages.

The PRA offers new members the ability to shoot a Rookie Round for score for only the 1st year of their membership in order to compete for the “Rookie of the Year” annual award. The stipulation being that since the PRA club award season runs from Jan1st to Dec 31st each year, should a new member join in the middle of the year, their Rookie Round scores will only be counting towards club awards until Dec 31st of that year.

We highly recommend that first time shooters at Field Archery tournaments seek out a veteran competitor to shoot with to “learn the ropes”.