World Archery Field Round – Sunday June 30, 2019

On Sunday, June 30th the PRA will be hosting a novelty fundraiser, which will be a shortened version of a World Archery Field Round.

This style of tournament is a standard for the World Archery Championships and varies greatly from the NFAA Field tournaments the PRA hosts regularly in target style, scoring and shooting distances. The event will feature a 24 target field course complete with official World Archery field targets in which competitors shoot 3 arrows at each target: 12 marked and 12 unmarked distances. The distances for the event will vary from 5 to 60 meters – depending on the division. The targets themselves have 6 scoring zones – 1 to 4 are black rings, 5 and 6 are gold – and come in 4 difference sizes: 20, 40, 60 and 80cm diameters.

Awards will be presented to up to third place in all bow and age categories listed on the flyer. To be eligible for awards, we are asking for a donation to the club in the amount of $10. Your donation from this event will go towards revamping some of our older target stands on the Lower 14 targets in the Southern Range.

Broaden your archery horizons and try your hand at a challenging international field round! Check out the flyer for more details!